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The Student News Site of Atascadero High School

Greyhound Media

Greyhound Media

The Student News Site of Atascadero High School

Greyhound Media



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The mission of AHS Media is to entertain, inform, inspire, and support our community through telling our many stories.  We value the stories others want to tell and use our talent to tell those stories effectively. To do this we employ various mediums such as journalism, video, sound, animation, graphic design, exhibitions, and printed media products. We are a group of motivated creatives who harness the power of stories to illuminate a diverse range of experiences in our community. We demonstrate professionalism and ethics in all that we do.

  • Professionalism is found in the targeted communication strategies that we deliver to our client’s audience. 
  • Ethics is found in our original production of media.
  • Ethics is found in out ability to follow copyright laws
  •  Professionalism is found in our control of innovative technologies and to make high-quality, original products.
  • Ethics is seen in our ability to report on a wide range groups and stories.
  • Professionalism is found in the ability to communicate, collaborate and create effectively during the production of the products we make for our clients. 
  • AHS Media is professional, inclusive, supportive, and talented and we are here to tell your story.


Introduction to AME:

Graphic Design/ Photography/ Digital and Print Layouts/ Introduction to Media Literacy

Concentration in Media Art:

1. Visual Storytelling: Journalism in Video Production/ Animation/ Sound Production

2. Publication Design Yearbook 

Advanced Media Arts:  

Client Based Productions/ Media Leadership and Management/

Portfolio Preparation

Students use the techniques learned in the first 2 years to run the school media




Greyhound Media
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